Racist Deadspin Writer Falsely Accuses Innocent Young KC Chiefs Fan of Wearing “Blackface” – There’s a Major Twist to the Story

by J Pelkey
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A young Kansas City Chiefs fan, who was targeted by racist Deadspin writer’s false accusations of wearing blackface, has been identified.

According to a report by Cristina Laila of The Gateway Pundit, Carron Phillips falsely accused an innocent child attending the Kansas City vs. Las Vegas game by sharing a misleading photo showing only one side of the child’s face.

In truth, the boy was simply sporting the teams’ colors, which happen to be black and red.

A popular Chiefs Facebook fan group named Real KC Chiefs Fans disclosed on Tuesday that the child in question is Holden A. from California.

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Holden, as it happens, is a genuine member of the Chumash tribe, with his grandfather serving on the Tribe board in Santa Ynez.

During Sunday’s broadcast Holden A. from California, a Native of the Chumash Tribe. His Grandfather is on the Chumash Tribe board up in Santa Ynez. This is his family at Super Bowl LVII. Everyone is making a massive deal out of this, only trying to show one side of his face to push their narrative. Real Kansas City Chiefs Fans Salute You Holden And Your Family.

On Facebook, Shannon Armenta stepped forward to confirm that Holden is her son and is indeed of Native American descent. Holden is also a well-known figure at the Chiefs’ games.

Ridiculous, indeed.

Holden seems to be making strides on the football field too. Kyle Becker captured footage showing him making a series of impressive plays as a defensive back for his team.

Carron Phillips is an unapologetic racist. Instead of apologizing, he lashed out at people who called him out on his shameless race-baiting.

Phillips later deleted the above tweet, all of his tweets smearing Holden, after getting ratioed into oblivion.

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