BREAKING: Israelis Report Armored Vehicles Approaching Border from Jordan – Muslim Women and Children Evacuating West Bank

by J Pelkey
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Frontline News has correspondents stationed in Israel near the border with Jordan in the West Bank.

Hamas has called for more massacres this coming Friday.

Khaled Mashal, the former leader and founding member of the terrorist group Hamas, has called for a global Muslim uprising in support of Palestine. In a recent address, Mashal underscored the necessity for Muslims to make sacrifices and engage in Jihad, including a willingness to offer their lives and blood in advancing the Palestinian cause.

Israelis in Samaria, situated in the West Bank, are now reporting that armored vehicles are approaching the border from Jordan.

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Additionally, Groups of Muslim women and children were seen traveling towards Jordan from Samaria on Wednesday, causing apprehension among the local residents about an imminent attack.

From Frontline News:

Convoys of Muslim women and children were spotted traveling to Jordan Wednesday from Samaria, raising concerns from the area’s residents about an impending attack.

Israelis remain on high alert after Saturday’s attack in which Muslim forces invaded the country from Gaza, massacring over a thousand Jews and taking dozens back to the Gaza Strip as hostages.

Though Israel has yet to follow through on its promises to exact a “merciless” retaliation, Hamas has called for more massacres this Friday. Khalid Mashal, one of Hamas’ founding members and leaders, urged Muslims around the world in a speech Wednesday “to show anger” and carry out a “global jihad.”

Elhanan Friedlow, who lives in the Eastern Benjamin region, says residents have so far seen over 27 large taxi vans full of Muslim women and children approach the Allenby Bridge that connects Samaria with Jordan. Sources told Frontline News the convoy originated in the village of Al Mughayyir — 45 minutes north of Ramallah — and collected more passengers in the village of Duma before continuing its journey. Military sources stationed in Samaria say the convoy drove through fields to attempt to circumvent IDF checkpoints.

But the convoy did run into a checkpoint, where IDF personnel confirmed that passengers were reportedly carrying plane tickets. Unconfirmed reports add, however, that Jordanian authorities have stopped the convoy at the border…

…The sightings have sparked independent preparation among residents of Samaria’s Jewish cities, towns, and villages. Only some receive adequate military protection against surrounding Muslim villages and are frequently subject to violent attacks. With Israeli troops spread thin between fighting Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, Israelis are even less hopeful for military protection.

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