Slain Leftist Journalist Josh Kruger Accused of Sexually Abusing His Killer Starting When He Was 15 Years Old

by J Pelkey
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The situation surrounding the murder of Philadelphia journalist, BLM advocate and gay rights activist Josh Kruger has taken a darker turn. It is alleged that the 39-year-old Kruger had a sexual relationship with his accused killer, 19-year-old Robert Davis, beginning when the teenager was still underage, and there are allegations of sexual blackmail.

The relationship is also said to have involved the use of illegal drugs. Previously, it was reported that Kruger and Davis were at least acquainted, with Kruger supposedly “helping” him in some way.

Davis’s family told the Philadelphia Inquirer in recent interviews that Kruger began sexually abusing their son starting when he was just 15 years old. They also say Davis told them that Kruger was threatening to post sexually explicit videos of him online.

According to them, their account is based on recent discussions with Davis and their observation of his life slowly falling apart as he struggled to conceal the relationship and his battle with drug addiction.

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Damica Davis, Robert’s mother, mentioned that he called her on Friday, shortly after Philadelphia police had visited their home searching for him. She urged Robert to surrender, but that he was scared. Although Robert Davis didn’t explicitly confess to his mother that he had killed Kruger, he did mention that he believed he was going to be blackmailed.

Furthermore, the Inquirer revealed that the family’s claims come as police detectives have uncovered explicit photos and messages on Kruger’s phone.

The Inquirer’s sources did not confirm if the images or messages were related to Davis. However, they did describe the photos as “disturbing” and they have been handed over to the police department’s Special Victims Unit (SVU) for further examination.

Breaking Digest previously reported that Kruger was fatally shot at his home on Watkins Street, in the 2300 block. The incident occurred shortly after Kruger had received an ominous threat.

Kruger, 39, was shot in the chest and abdomen seven times and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kruger previously mocked the idea that some gay men are pedophiles in a tweet, calling it a “centuries old smear” that is part of a strategy to “target LGBTQ people with violence.”

His tweet didn’t age well.

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