Biden Attempts to Imitate President Trump with Gas Station Visit and Fails Miserably

by J Pelkey
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President Trump consistently shows his love for the country and its citizens. Everything he does is geared toward making America great and ensuring prosperity for all Americans. This is why Americans line the streets to greet him with cheers everywhere he goes, as evident in his recent surprise visit to a bodega in Harlem.

Americans love President Trump.


Joe Biden recently attempted to imitate President Trump’s NYC Bodega visit by stopping at a gas station in Pennsylvania.

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His motorcade arrived at a Sheetz location in Moon Township, near Pittsburgh, around 3 p.m.

The store was notably quiet as Joe Biden entered. He briefly interacted with a child and exchanged greetings with a small group of customers in line.

There were no cheers, no applause, and zero energy. Biden just bought the sandwiches, posed for a few photo-ops with employees, and then left. The customers did not care that he was there.


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