Arizona Democrat Lawmaker Caught Hiding Bibles at House Members-Only Lounge

by J Pelkey
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You can’t make this stuff up.

A Democrat lawmaker in Arizona was caught taking Bibles from the House members-only lounge and hiding them in odd places such as under chairs, under couch cushions, and in the refrigerator.

Arizona State Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, an ordained Presbyterian minister, was caught on camera hiding several Bibles in Arizona’s Capitol lounge.

When confronted, Rep. Stahl Hamilton said she was just being “playful.”

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Watch her here:

Fox News reported:

An Arizona state lawmaker was captured on video snatching a Bible off a table in the House’s members-only lounge before stashing it outside of camera view.

The Arizona House of Representatives was alerted about the mysterious disappearance of a pair of Holy Bibles on March 23, which are normally left on display in the House’s members-only lounge, according to a statehouse source.

The restricted area is located near the House Floor and is a place where members of the House can go if they need to take a call or meet with other representatives or senior staff members in between votes.

Guests are also allowed in the lounge, but they are required to be escorted while inside.

After being alerted to the Bible disappearances, gumshoes with the House security team started searching the lounge for the Bibles and found they had been placed underneath cushions of two chairs.

More on the story from Just the News:

Arizona Democrat state Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, an ordained Presbyterian minister, is under scrutiny after video surfaced appearing to show her hiding Bibles from the House’s members-only lounge.

Bibles were vanishing in the lounge, prompting the state House security team to put a camera in the room to catch the person responsible for it. Local outlet 3TV/CBS5 on Tuesday published the security camera footage appearing to show Hamilton taking two of the lounge’s Bibles and hiding them.

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