17-Year-Old Chinese Rising Badminton Star Dies Suddenly on Court After Suffering Cardiac Arrest

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A rising teenage badminton star died suddenly on the court after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Seventeen-year-old Zhang Zhijie collapsed suddenly during a match against Japan’s Kazuma Kawano on Sunday evening at the Asia Junior Championships in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Despite receiving immediate medical attention at the venue and being transported to the hospital by ambulance, Zhang Zhijie sadly died hours later after unsuccessful resuscitation attempts.

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Badminton Asia confirmed his sudden passing in a statement:

China’s Zhang Zhi Jie, a singles player, collapsed on the court during a match in the evening and was sent to hospital where he passed away at 23.20 local time yesterday.

Zhi Ji was playing a group stage match against Japan when he collapsed and was attended to by the tournament doctor and medical team. He was taken in the standby ambulance in less than two minutes and sent to hospital.

Badminton Asia, PBSI and the organising committee are immensely saddened and expressed their deepest condolences to Zhang’s parents, family and Chinese Badminton Association (CBA).

The world of badminton has lost a talented player.

“Medical conclusions … indicated that the victim experienced sudden cardiac arrest,” Broto Happy, spokesman for the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI), told a press conference after the incident.

China’s badminton association said it was “deeply saddened” bys his passing. “Zhang Zhijie loved badminton and was an outstanding athlete of the national youth badminton team,” the CBA said in a statement.

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