Unsealed Epstein Testimony Exonerates President Trump

by J Pelkey
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Some of the names on Jeffrey Epstein’s client list have finally been revealed.

This unsealed cache includes around 150 names encompassing Epstein’s contacts, network, household employees, and victims. It’s important to clarify that not all individuals listed are perpetrators.

While some are identified as victims, this unsealing represents a significant first step in the right direction.

Many individuals associated with Epstein might not have been involved in any illicit activities. Therefore, a careful examination of these documents is essential to unravel the truth.

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Speculations arose about President Trump’s potential association with Epstein.

Recently released legal testimony as part of this current cache of documents completely clears President Trump of any involvement in the Epstein Island scandal. 

The only references to Trump in the documents clear him of any wrongdoing.

There are no indications within the documents that suggest Trump visited Epstein’s residence or his island:

In other testimony, the witness confirms that she was not instructed to give Trump a massage.

Turning Point USA’s Bo Loudon noted: “Donald Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago, reported him to Palm Beach Police, & testified against him in court. Bill Clinton flew with Epstein 26 times and was in a painting of Epstein wearing a blue dress. They are not the same.”

Even far-left CNBC had to admit that President Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago for being a pervert:

Epstein’s penchant for young women apparently became an issue for Trump and Mar-a-Lago years later, according to “The Grifter’s Club.”

Sarah Blaskey, a Miami Herald investigative reporter who co-wrote the book, told her newspaper in an article published Tuesday that according to another Mar-a-Lago member, Trump “kicked Epstein out after Epstein harassed the daughter of a member.”

“The way this person described it, such an act could irreparably harm the Trump brand, leaving Donald no choice but to remove Epstein,” Blaskey said.

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