Unhinged Hollywood Lefty Robert De Niro Flips Out After Getting Heckled Outside NYC Courthouse During Biden Campaign Anti-Trump Press Conference [Video]

by J Pelkey
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President Trump is back in court today for closing arguments in Alvin Bragg’s show trial in New York City.

The Biden campaign deployed washed up Hollywood actor Robert De Niro to hold a press conference right outside of the courthouse.

Fox News’s John Roberts reported that the campaign announced the event at around 10:15 AM, hinting at the participation of “special guests.”

Below is a clip of Team Biden arriving with the unhinged actor, who is seen wearing a face diaper in the open air.

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De Niro took to the podium shortly afterward. Upon hearing shouts of “f**k you!” from Trump supporters in the background, he quickly loses his temper, calling them “crazy” and “clowns.”

De Niro’s speech was so outrageous that he went so far as to claim the government would “perish from the earth” if Trump were re-elected.

Someone should remind De Niro how many wars started under Trump compared to his hero Biden.

During his speech, someone set off a car alarm.

De Niro, flanked by two police officers from January 6th, was interrupted by Trump supporters who stated that the officers were “traitors” and that they “lied under oath.”

As De Niro driveled on about the trial, joining the Biden campaign, and labeling President Trump a “tyrant,” his words were overshadowed by a heckler wearing a MAGA hat, who yelled, “You’re washed up!” This taunt caused De Niro to completely melt down.

“You’re gangsters!” De Niro shot back at the Trump supporters.

Yet, the heckler’s shouts persisted, each one sharper than the last: “You’re trash! Your movies suck! You’re done!”


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