Trump Walks Out of Courtroom After Judge Threatens to Throw His Attorney Alina Habba In Jail

by J Pelkey
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President Trump stormed out of a New York courtroom Friday morning after the corrupt judge threatened to throw his attorney, Alina Habba, in jail.

Fox News provided an overview of the chaos unfolding inside the Manhattan civil federal court, where crazy E. Jean Carroll is seeking damages exceeding $12 million for alleged actions and statements by Trump deemed defamatory by a previous jury. In the final arguments, Judge Lewis Kaplan directed both parties to refrain from making objections and keep totally silent.

From the Fox News video report below:

“Apparently, the judge told the courtroom, no one in the courtroom is to say anything. There were apparently some counsel objections. From which side? I assume it was Trump’s side. ‘No interruptions, no audible comments,’ is the quote from the judge. Then, the plaintiff and the defense were talking about certain tweets not in evidence, possibly to share with the jury. The judge ruled that they are not going to use a certain slide that shows the tweets. And then Trump’s attorney Alina Habba tried stating that something, ‘Just need to state something for the record.’ The judge interrupted and said, ‘You are on the verge of spending some time in the lockout.’


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Alina Habba, Trump’s lead attorney, tried to voice an objection, prompting Kaplan to respond, “You are on the verge of spending some time in the lock-up, now sit down.”

During the closing argument presented by attorney Roberta Kaplan, who represents E. Jean Carroll, U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan took a break to formally acknowledge, for the record, that Trump had walked out of the courtroom.

Judge Kaplan, who has no relation to Carroll’s attorney, took a moment to reprimand the defense and remind them to stay seated.

In June of last year, President Trump filed a countersuit against Carroll, an advice columnist who claimed she was sexually assaulted by Trump decades ago. Civil juries have found Trump liable for the assault and defamation, outcomes Trump asserts are a result of Carroll’s deliberate efforts to harm his reputation during his presidential campaign.

Trump’s attorneys argued that Carroll made “false statements with actual malice and ill will with an intent to significantly and spitefully harm and attack.” They added that Carroll’s case is another instance of Trump enduring significant harm to his reputation, resulting in substantial damages.

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