The People of China Have Had Enough of COVID Shutdowns and Tyranical Government Policies

by J Pelkey
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Something extraordinary is happening in China. People in China have finally had enough of the cruel COVID lockdowns and tyrannical government policies.

Furious demonstrators poured into the streets all across China, confronting riot cops and calling for the Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping, to step down in a rare act of defiance.

The protests started when a fire broke out in a building where the citizens were trapped inside due to COVID policies in the country.

The doors were locked from the outside.

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The building fire killed at least 10 people who could not get out.

There were gunshots reported in Wuhan.

A couple of professors in China stood up against the military. Now they’re being compared to tank man in China from the protests decades ago.

This was reportedly taken in a suburb of Beijing.

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