Target to Remove Satanic LGBTQ Merchandise After Severe Backlash from Parents

by J Pelkey
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Target is removing some LGBTQ+ merchandise from its Pride Month collection following severe backlash across the country.

Last week, Consumers’ Research reported that Target released a new line of LGBTQ+ merchandise, including clothing and books, geared toward children and babies.

The new line even features “tuck-friendly” bathing suits and “chest binders” for children.

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, it was revealed that Target is selling LGBTQ Pride clothing designed by a satanic transgender who promotes violence, drug use and satanism.

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The brand in question, Abprallen, was created by a biological woman who identifies as a man and uses the name “Erik Callen.”

Target sells three items by the brand Abprallen – a “We Belong Everywhere” messenger bag, a ‘Too Queer For Here” messenger bag, and a “Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People” shirt. The LGBTQ items are available on the Target website and in its stores.

Target apparently started to panic as the merchandise sparked outrage among customers leading to calls for a boycott.

Target stores in the South were instructed by the corporate office to reposition LGBTQ Pride merchandise away from the front of their stores, to prevent a Bud Light situation.

Things are so bad that Target execs called an emergency meeting.

A group of concerned mothers have taken a stand against Target. The group, called the The Battlecry, appeared on the Jesse Watters Show, where they called for a nationwide boycott against the company amidst a growing controversy surrounding its Pride-related merchandise.

The group’s spokeswoman said, “I’m gonna be here with my girlfriends doing deep dives into the sexual revolution… the history of the trans flag and how it brought us to where we are today, which is in a horrible place.”

Jesse asked, ”So, you’re not gonna be Carrie, shopping for ”tuck-em swimsuits at Target?”

“I’m not, Jesse, but I may be calling on America to go into every Target with our call to action cards, which you can find on our Instagram…”


On the decision to pull some of the offending merchandise, Target Corp spokeswoman Kayla Castaneda said that threats over the satanic merchandise are imperiling the workers’ safety.

“Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing while at work,” she said.”Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

The items being removed include “gender fluid” mugs, “queer all year” calendars and books for children aged 2-9 titled “Bye Bye, Binary,” “Pride 1,2,3,” “I’m not a girl” and all products created by the satanic Abprallen brand.

Their decision to start a war with American parents has proven to be a disastrous one, as the company’s value has dropped $8 billion in the first week – twice as much as Bud Light lost in the same amount of time.

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