“Safe and Effective”: Young Tennis Player Suddenly Collapses on Live TV In Australia [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Aussie tennis legend Alicia Molik, recently appointed as tournament director, sprang into action, coming to the aid of a young tennis player who suddenly collapsed on the court.

The incident took place as Molik, a celebrated two-time Grand Slam doubles champion, was being introduced to the media as the new director for a significant upcoming tennis event in Australia.

As Molik her enthusiasm for the role and her plans to revitalize the Adelaide tennis scene, an abrupt and distressing noise interrupted the proceedings.

According to 7News Adelaide, a young player named Jasmine was observed lying motionless on Memorial Drive’s center court.

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Molik, 42, hurried to assist Jasmine and provided first aid, skillfully placing Jasmine onto her side to ensure an open airway, a critical action in such emergencies.

Remaining with Jasmine, Molik provided comfort until paramedics arrived, who then transported the teenager to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for additional medical attention.


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