RINOs and Democrats Block MTG’s Attempt to Oust Mike Johnson as Speaker

by J Pelkey
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RINOs and Democrats booed loudly as Rep. Marjorie Taylore Greene called for Mike Johnson to be removed from his position of House Speaker.

MTG responded, “This is the Uniparty! For the American people watching.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene listed Mike Johnson’s failures, deviations from Republican principles, and broken promises to the American public.

In her list of Speaker Johnson’s failures, Rep. Greene mentioned how he repeatedly called votes to oust Republican George Santos from his position, effectively giving the seat to Democrats.

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The final vote was 359 in favor of keeping Mike Johnson as Speaker, 43 against, with 7 members abstaining. 

196 Republicans voted to keep Mike Johnson as Speaker.

163 Democrats, including former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and current Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, supported Mike Johnson.

A mere 11 Republicans voted to remove Mike Johnson.

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