Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Calls for Inherent Contempt Vote to Arrest AG Merrick Garland

by J Pelkey
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On Wednesday afternoon, the United States House of Representatives narrowly voted to hold Joe Biden’s corrupt and compromised Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over audio recordings of special counsel Robert Hur’s interview with Joe Biden.

According to NBC News, “The vote was 216-207, with one Republican, Rep. David Joyce of Ohio, joining all Democrats in voting no. Seven Democrats and one Republican did not vote.”

The lone cowardly Republican who sided with the Democrats took to X to explain his “nay” vote.

According to @Travis_4_Trump, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has been circulating a letter in Congress calling for an inherent contempt vote against Garland, which would enable the House Sergeant at Arms to arrest him.

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Following the vote, FOX News reported that Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) may push for an Inherent Contempt vote, which would direct the Sergeant at Arms to arrest AG Merrick Garland.

Aishah Hasnie:

Good evening to you. Well, every single Republican in the House voted yes for this contempt, except for one. Ohio congressman David Joyce, he bucked his party and voted no. What’s next? That’s what everyone’s wondering, because in terms of a contempt, it is up to the DOJ now to decide whether they’re going to press charges, go after their boss. It’s very unlikely that they do that.

House Republicans know that, which is why congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, Florida, has vowed that she will try to force a vote on an inherent contempt. This is different from what we just saw here on the House floor this evening. An inherent contempt basically means if it passes, that the House Sergeant at Arms will then be forced to go and arrest AG Merrick Garland because he is now in contempt.

She can use a privileged motion to bring that to a vote in the next two legislative days, but we’ve had eyes on her right after she voted on the House floor, and she has not stayed and done that just yet. She might still be trying to gather support for that resolution. But now, a historic day, the House, first time in a long time, has voted to hold an administration official, the AG, in contempt.


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