Professional Painter and Illustrator Dies Unexpectedly Due to Heart Attack at 31

by J Pelkey
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A Minneapolis, MN based professional painter and illustrator, Hannah Sicora, died suddenly after experiencing a heart attack during an “intense art performance”, in which she represented her experience of the pandemic. She was 31 years old.

She died on Saturday, October 22.

Loved ones confirmed the news of her passing on social media.

Jill Peterson wrote, “Our hearts are broken into a million pieces. On October 22, our daughter Hannah left this earth. Her heart broke during her intense art performance portrayal of how she felt during the pandemic. She left us 1000s of paintings and sketchbooks that we will forever cherish. She was a warrior for social justice and equality. We are so thankful for the outpouring of love, prayers, and thoughts. Many have asked how they can help. So we set up a donation site that works in the US and Mexico (where she was living). All money donated will be used to support artist communities. We loved her so much and will miss her greatly. — with Hannah Sicora.”

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Sarah Hart wrote, “I’m so sorry Hannah Sicora, you still had so much life to live. Cherishing our memories ❤️🙏😪

Brent Grolla wrote, “Word has reached me that the Valkyrjur have conducted Hannah Sicora to the halls of Valhalla. May your cup never run dry during your rest my friend…”

A FundRazr page has been organized by Jill Barbour, which has raised $5,537 as of October 31:

From the FundRazr page:

On October 22nd, 2022, our beautiful Hannah Sicora passed from this earth after living life profoundly for 31 years.  She experienced a heart attack during an intense art performance representing her experience of the pandemic.  Hannah was so proud of that performance.

Hannah felt deeply, expressed herself fully, and was led by courageous vulnerability. She was a ray of sunshine whose passion for art and social justice impacted so many.  

She grew up in St. Louis Park and lived in Minneapolis MN until she found her new home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Over the past year and a half in Mexico, Hannah lived the life she had always wanted: growing in a strong community, rich in culture, music and art.

The outpouring of love and strength for our sweet Hannah has been nothing short of incredible and a true testament to the power of Hannah’s impact. Your thoughts, prayers and kind words have been deeply comforting to her family and friends. 

Hannah gave and served her heart to the world. She continually grew as an artist and always tried to serve her communities through her passion of improving the human experiences. Her family and friends have set up this fundraising site to help collect money that will be 100% donated to support the art community.

We greatly appreciate the outpouring of love, which Hannah fiercely believed in.

Rest in Peach, Hannah Sicora.

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