New York Students Kicked Out of School to Make Room for Illegal Aliens: “This is F***ed Up”

by J Pelkey
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The ongoing immigration crisis in New York City continues to worsen as Joe Biden’s policies are essentially an open invitation for more illegal aliens to enter through the U.S. Southern border.

In a recent development, a New York City high school has forced remote learning on students to repurpose the building to accommodate illegal aliens.

New York Post reported:

The city made the move amid concerns that a massive migrant tent at Floyd Bennett Field would collapse from torrential rains and gusting winds — packing them instead into the second-floor gym at James Madison High School five miles away.

The school’s neighbors were not keen on the last-minute decision.

“This is f—ed up,” said a local resident who identified himself only as Rob. “It’s a litmus test. They are using a storm, a legitimate situation, where they are testing this out. I guarantee you they’ll be here for the entire summer.

“There’s 1,900 people getting thrown into my neighborhood, half a block from where I live and we don’t know who they are,” he said. “They’re not vetted. A lot of them have criminal records and backgrounds and we don’t even know.”

The decision ignited a firestorm of controversy on social media:

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Following Democrat Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign pledge to uphold the city’s “sanctuary” status, recent events unfolded where he has placed the blame on others, particularly GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, for the situation.

Last year, Adams introduced a new executive order aiming to halt the transportation of migrants from Texas. This move was in response to Texas coping with an overwhelming influx of illegal immigration since Biden’s installation in the White House.

Joe Biden bears sole responsibility for the situation; the accountability lies with him and no one else.

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