President Trump’s Lead Over Nikki Haley Widens in Latest New Hampshire Poll

by J Pelkey
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According to a recent CNN poll, Donald Trump is leading in New Hampshire with 50% support, while Nikki Haley trails at 39%. This marks a positive shift for Trump compared to an earlier January poll where he had 39% support.

CNN reported (Excerpt):

The race for the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary appears to be former President Donald Trump’s to lose, according to a new CNN poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire following Trump’s 30-point win in Iowa’s caucuses last week.

Trump holds 50% support among likely Republican primary voters in the Granite State, while his closest competitor, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, stands at 39%. Both have gained supporters since the last CNN/UNH poll in early January – when Trump held 39% to Haley’s 32% – as the field of major contenders has shrunk from six candidates to three. Both Trump and Haley now hold their highest level of support in UNH polling on the race since 2021. But Haley’s sharp gains since late last summer have not been enough to catch Trump, as the gap between them has once again widened to double digits.

She holds 58% support among those who are registered as undeclared (New Hampshire’s term for independent voters) and plan to vote in the GOP primary, and 71% support among those who consider themselves ideologically moderate. She also stands ahead of Trump among voters who hold college degrees (50% Haley to 38% Trump). But each of these groups on its own makes up a minority of likely GOP primary voters in New Hampshire: 47% are registered undeclared, 33% are at least college graduates and just about 3 in 10 describe themselves as moderate.

Trump has largely consolidated his support among the larger flip sides of each of those groups. He has the backing of 67% of registered Republicans, 71% of conservatives and 55% of those who do not have a college degree. And among Trump’s supporters, 88% say they have definitely decided to support him compared with 74% of Haley supporters who are similarly locked in. That translates to 45% of the electorate being firmly decided Trump supporters, compared with just 30% who are equally decided Haley backers.


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