President Trump Is Suing E. Jean Carroll for Defamation Over Fake Rape Claim

by J Pelkey
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In a counterclaim filed at the Manhattan federal court, the president’s attorneys assert that Carroll made “false statements with actual malice and ill will with an intent to significantly and spitefully harm and attack” Trump. They further argue that Carroll’s case is yet another instance where Trump’s reputation has suffered considerable damage, resulting in substantial losses. The specific monetary amount sought by the former president and his legal team in the counterclaim remains undisclosed at this time.

In May, the decision to vindicate President Trump was seen as a limited victory as he was found liable for battery charges by the jury.

As President Trump faces multiple legal battles, the Carroll case remains a focal point in mainstream media, as it is the only one where the 45th president has been partially found guilty of any crime. When asked whether the guilty verdict on the battery charge should disqualify him from the Republican presidential primary, Trump boasted that his poll numbers had actually risen following the jury’s decision.

The president’s legal team is appealing last month’s ruling, which ordered a $5 million verdict in favor of Carroll.

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Furthermore, Trump’s counterclaim aims to demonstrate that Carroll made defamatory statements in an unlawful attempt to harm the president’s reputation, despite the jury’s verdict. This is exemplified by Carroll’s response of “oh yes he did, oh yes he did” during a CNN interview when asked about her thoughts on the jury’s determination that Trump was not responsible for the alleged rape.

Trump is demanding a retraction of Carroll’s statements, seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, as well as reimbursement for legal fees. Additionally, Trump is requesting any other necessary relief as determined by the court.

Cyber sleuths recently uncovered a Facebook post from August 2012, where Carroll posed an unusual question: “Would you be willing to have sexual relations with Donald Trump for $17,000? (Even if you could A) donate the money to charity? B) Close your eyes? And he is not allowed to speak?).”

Before the Facebook post, Carroll openly declared herself as a “MASSIVE” fan of Donald Trump’s television show, The Apprentice.

Read Trump’s counterclaim here.

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