PBS Betrays Kari Lake, Clean Elections Commission & Arizona Voters — BIG MISTAKE!

by J Pelkey
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Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee, Kari Lake, held a press conference outside of the Arizona PBS Studio in response to their defiance and betrayal of Kari Lake, the Clean Elections Commission, and Arizona voters.

Arizona PBS is running cover for the Democrats in defiance of the Clean Elections Commission by allowing Democrat, Katie Hobbs, to dodge a traditional debate and instead offering her a 30-minute interview in place of the scheduled debate.

The Arizona Clean Elections Commission rejected Democrat Katie Hobbs’ proposal to change the gubernatorial debate into a forum with separate interviews for Katie Hobbs and Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake.

This sets a horrible precedent for future debates, allowing candidates to have air-time regardless of whether or not they choose to participate in an honest debate.

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The Arizona Clean Elections Commission released a statement on the matter, indicating that they will ditch PBS and postpone tonight’s Q&A forum until they can decide on a new partner, date, and venue for the debate.

Arizona’s mass-early mail-in ballots were sent to voters Wednesday, and the voters will likely not get to see a side-by-side comparison of the candidates for Governor.

Katie Hobbs is a radical leftist, and she has every single mainstream media outlet running cover for her.

On Wednesday night, Kari Lake took on the hostile leftist press in Arizona who attacked her after racist Katie Hobbs bailed on their debate.


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