New York City: YouTuber and 65 Rioters Arrested After Violence Breaks Out Over PlayStation

by J Pelkey
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On Friday, in New York City, a YouTube star and 65 rioters were apprehended following a violent incident triggered by a dispute over a PlayStation.

Chaos erupted in Union Square Park on Friday afternoon, just moments before a social media streamer planned to host a PlayStation giveaway.

The YouTube star and Twitch streamer, Kai Cenat, was arrested and charged with inciting a riot.

The NYPD detained a total of 65 rioters, with 30 of them being juveniles.

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Disturbing video footage capturing the riot and violence emerged on social media.

The rioters caused damage to parked vehicles.

Several people were assaulted during the riot.


View from ABC 7’s “Eye in the sky”:

Democrats defunded the police and eliminated cash bail. Those who are capable of logical thinking saw this coming.

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