Middle School Students Revolt Against “Pride Month” – Chant “U.S.A. Are My Pronouns”

by J Pelkey
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Americans are fed up with the left’s woke ideologies being crammed down their throats in every facet of society.

Boston.com reported that on June 2nd, students at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Massachusetts revolted against a school-sanctioned Pride Month celebration.

The article stated that the event, known as Spirit Day, was organized by the Spectrum Club, a student group that supports LGBTQ+ students and their allies. Members of the club adorned the school with “Happy Pride Month” signs, Pride flag banners, rainbow streamers, and distributed rainbow stickers. They also encouraged students and faculty to wear rainbow-themed attire.

Some students reportedly tore down the signs and banners while chanting “U.S.A. are my pronouns,” proudly sporting red, white, and blue clothing.

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Following the incident, Principal Cari Perchase addressed the situation by sending a letter to parents, informing them about the occurrence.

From Boston.com:

In the letter, Perchase said she was “extremely disheartened” by the students’ anti-Pride actions.

“I fully respect that our diverse community has diverse opinions and beliefs. I also respect individuals’ right to express their opinions through clothing choices and freedom of speech,” she wrote. “When one individual or group of individuals’ beliefs and actions result in the demeaning of another individual or group, it is completely unacceptable.”

Perchase said in the letter that she stands in solidarity with and in support of the students and faculty that were impacted by the student protest.

“I am truly sorry that a day meant for you to celebrate your identity turned into a day of intolerance. Schools are supposed to be a safe place for ALL students and faculty. Some community members’ actions created an unsafe environment for many of our students, caregivers, and faculty,” she wrote.

To help remedy the situation, Perchase said the school designated a meeting time during which students could express their concerns to administrators and created an anonymous form for students to report specific hateful incidents. She also said the school would look into providing a program that would teach students tolerance, acceptance, and respect.

Burlington Public Schools Superintendent Eric Conti also responded to the incident. In a letter to parents, he denounced the students’ protest, writing that the increase in anti-LGBTQ+ violence in the country “has no place in our schools.”

WCVB Channel 5 Boston covered the story:

School administrators in the school district were livid that the students refused to comply with the requirement to wear gay Pride gear and instead organized the counter-protest.

In response, a Select Board meeting was held on Monday where “equity-focused community leaders” were invited to speak.

Among them, Nancy Bonassera, co-chair of the Burlington Equity Coalition, slammed the middle school students for what she characterized as “intolerance and homophobia.”

According to a report from the Boston Globe, she highlighted the fact that, on the same day meant for celebration, a counter-demonstration took place. This counter-demonstration involved students wearing red, white, and blue clothing, chanting “My pronouns are USA,” and causing damage to rainbow decorations at the school.

Bonassera further urged the town leadership of Burlington to actively oppose hate disguised as “free expression.” She emphasized the need for strict consequences in response to the incident and additionally demanded that the district hire a director specifically focused on diversity, inclusion, and equity. The group firmly believes that these actions are essential in addressing the situation appropriately.

“This kind of abhorrent rhetoric starts in the home,” added one board member.

In a prepared statement, Martha Simon, the chairwoman of the School Committee, mentioned that the district dedicated “significant time last week to process with students to help them better understand how their words and behaviors impact others.” She further stated that the committee would continue to hold discussions concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts within the Burlington Public Schools.

Hopefully, this incident will encourage more students to stand up against these radical woke agendas that are infiltrating schools. Nobody should be forced to “celebrate” something they don’t believe in or are simply not interested in.

According to reports on the incident, there was no actual violence. Refusing to wear Pride gear isn’t violence. Even damaging rainbow decorations is not actual violence.

Watch the report from WCVB via Trending Politics on Rumble:

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