Judge Aileen Cannon Takes a Blow Torch to Jack Smith’s Junk Case Against President Trump – “Arbitrary Enforcement”

by J Pelkey
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On Thursday, President Trump appeared in court to appeal his case concerning classified documents. Judge Aileen Cannon wasted no time addressing a significant issue.

She drew attention to the recent report by Robert Hur, which highlighted Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and the perceived lack of enforcement against this offense. This led her to question whether Jack Smith’s team was trying to enforce the law arbitrarily.

Judge Cannon torched the idea of selective prosecution, citing evidence from Hur’s testimony to support her argument.

It appears very likely that the case against Trump will be thrown out, primarily due to it being selective prosecution.

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The Politics Brief provides further details on the likely dismissal of the case:

While both cases may contain elements of technical illegalities, Donald Trump’s case is far less egregious than Joe Biden’s, given the fact Trump was a sitting president with ultimate declassification authority; he stored the documents at Mar-a-Lago, his authorized presidential office away from the White House; and he has further protection by the Presidential Records Act.

Thus, in the event of a “guilty” verdict in the Trump case, it will be a case of “selective and vindictive prosecution” — as blatant a case of election interference in U.S. history.

A Trump guilty verdict would thus be a political outcome subverting the will of American voters. It would be the true “attack on democracy” that the Democratic Party is dishonestly protesting about, while it interferes in America’s elections and compromises institutions such as the rule of law.

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