Images of Biden’s Illegal Immigrant ID Card Leaked

by J Pelkey
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The Biden regime is planning to distribute identification cards to illegal aliens who have entered the country, making it easier for them to access housing, healthcare, transportation, and various other benefits.

These ID cards are effectively granting de facto legality to illegal immigration in the United States, as they enable illegal aliens to provide identification to law enforcement, indicating that they are already in the system. This could potentially secure their long-term presence in the country.

ICE had previously stated that the Secure Docket Card program would “modernize various forms of documentation provided to provisionally released noncitizens through a consistent, verifiable, secure card.”

Newsmax reported:

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The Biden administration wants to provide temporary identification cards to illegal immigrants who are awaiting final decisions on their cases, Axios reported.

Officials are considering a pilot program that would help immigrants access housing, health care, transportation and other benefits, two government sources told Axios.

The program also would encourage more frequent communication with law enforcement throughout the legal process, the sources added.

The fiscal year 2023 appropriations bill included $10 million for the program, called the “ICE Secure Docket Card program.”

“The ICE Secure Docket Card program is part of a pilot program to modernize various forms of documentation provided to provisionally released noncitizens through a consistent, verifiable, secure card,” an ICE spokesperson told Axios.

With Republicans currently favored to take control of the House in the November midterms, the administration is hoping to get needed Congressional approval before the end of September.

Details of the program, and who would be enrolled, have not been finalized.

On Thursday, Fox News Digital reported that it has obtained images of the ID cards that the Biden regime intends to provide to illegal aliens who are released within the United States.

“The images show a card with room for a photograph, a QR code and identifying information and security details, as well as the ICE logo in the top left corner,” Fox News reports.

Per Fox News:

ICE previously announced that the ID will have a photograph, biographic identifiers and “cutting-edge” security features. The agency said then the program was still in development and would be considered for further expansion pending the outcome of the pilot. ICE has now currently completed a required pilot notification to Congress.

“The ICE secure docket card concept is a pilot program that would modernize documentation provided to some noncitizens,” an ICE spokesperson said in a statement Thursday. “While the specifics of the program are under development, it is important to note the secure card will not be an official form of federal identification. The secure card will indicate it is for use by DHS agencies and would be provided only after national security background checks have been performed.”

“Currently, noncitizens receive paper documents from the federal government about their immigration status. Paper documents pose a security risk, are easily lost, and degrade rapidly in real-world use, creating inefficiencies for the government and noncitizens,” they said.

The card could be used to check in and schedule reporting meetings with ICE. The agency hopes that it can be used in the field to easily verify an alien’s identity and to see if they are deportable. But the program has alarmed conservatives, who see it as part of an agenda for welcoming, rather than removing, those in the country illegally.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that nearly 500,000 illegal aliens from crisis-stricken Venezuela would be qualified for Temporary Protection Status, which includes protection from deportation, along with work authorization.

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