Awkward: Fani Willis’ Lover Is Stopped by “Media Consultant” During Live Interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Nathan Wade, the disgraced former prosecutor appointed by Fani Willis to go after President Trump, was interrupted by his own “media consultant” during an interview on CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins.

The interruption happened as Collins pressed Wade about the timeline of his romantic relationship with Fani Willis.

Collins asked directly, “Just to clarify, when did the romantic relationship between the two of you start?”

Struggling to provide a clear answer, he responded, “Yeah. So we get into… There’s It’s been this effort to say that, Okay, these exact dates are at issue, and these exact dates are…” before his media consultant interrupted him.

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The disgraced prosecutor glanced off-camera mid-answer, noting he was being “signaled here.” His microphone was removed as he stepped aside to confer with his media consultant. The CNN team was heard in the background instructing to “keep rolling.”

Wade evaded a direct answer once again, saying, “So I believe that the public, through the testimony and other interviews, has a clear snapshot that this is clearly just a distraction. It is not a relevant issue in this case, and I think we should be focusing more on the facts and the indictment.”

Collins defended her line of questioning by referencing Wade’s own testimony.

“But you did testify to this, and you were asked on the stand about when it started and when it ended. It just wasn’t completely clear because before it said before the indictment, which is August 15th here in Atlanta, and then later the answer was at the end of that year. And so I think that was the clarity that people were seeking of when it started and when it ended,” Collins said.

Wade’s responses continued to be vague and evasive.

“Sure. And there again, there’s a question before the court, and that is the crux of the question. I don’t choose to say or do anything that would jeopardize the case or the court’s ruling. I prefer to allow them to make their decision based upon what they have and accept it.”


Wade resigned in March 2024. This followed a ruling by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who found that Wade’s relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis created an “appearance of impropriety.” Although McAfee allowed Willis to remain on the case, it was on the condition that Wade step down.

The controversy arose when co-defendant Michael Roman accused Wade and Willis of having an improper romantic relationship that began before Wade was hired for the RICO case in November 2021. During a hearing, both Willis and Wade testified, leading McAfee to rule that their relationship could present a conflict of interest.

Wade resigned after McAfee’s ruling to enable the prosecution to continue without conflict concerns. Willis accepted his resignation and commended his work. Subsequently, Trump and several co-defendants appealed to have Willis disqualified from the case. The Georgia Court of Appeals agreed to review McAfee’s decision in May 2024, with Trump’s legal team arguing for Willis’s removal due to alleged misconduct. The appeal process is ongoing.

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