Illegal Alien with SEVEN Prior Deportations Arrested for Murder in Ohio

by J Pelkey
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An illegal alien has been charged with aggravated murder after a body was found in an alley in Hamilton, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati.

According to Butler County Sheriff, Richard Jones, Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, has illegally entered the U.S. multiple times from Mexico and has had encounters with the U.S. legal system on several occasions.

Garcia-Gutierrez, deported from the U.S. seven times, has been jailed 11 times, Jones stated, with his initial arrest dating back to 2001. Police assert that Garcia-Gutierrez has used at least seven different names and three different birth dates.

Various mugshots of Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez

Sheriff Jones blames the surge in illegal crossings at the U.S.–Mexico border on the Biden regime.

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Zero Hedge reported:

Police found the body in Hamilton on Monday after responding to a 911 call. Investigators interviewed suspect Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez the following day.

Butler County Sheriff’s Office stated that Mr. Garcia-Gutierrez, a 46-year-old Mexican national, was detained on an ICE holder and held in the Butler County Jail for weapon charges, aggravated murder, and drug possession.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said that Mr. Garcia-Gutierrez had previously been deported and arrested multiple times using seven different names and three different birth dates.

Who knows how many people this guy has been involved in and has killed? Here in the United States, in our jail, he’s had two or three weapons charges, he’s had domestic violence [charges] … driving while intoxicated.

We don’t know how many he’s killed in Mexico,” Mr. Jones said at a press conference.

Mr. Jones also blamed the Biden administration for the surge in illegal crossings at the U.S.–Mexico border.

Our border is broken, and these individuals are the cause of it,” he said. “We’ve got to stop this border invasion, it’s killing us and its killing innocent people.”

The Hamilton Police Department is continuing its investigation into the murder case, according to Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

Border Patrol has encountered more than 7.6 million illegal immigrants trying to cross the border since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021.

Former federal officials and experts have said in the past that there is a real possibility that hundreds of people on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist have slipped into the United States among the millions of other illegal immigrants over the past three years.

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