GOP Senators Propose Legislation to Punish States That Remove President Trump from 2024 Ballot

by J Pelkey
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Following the unilateral decision by Maine’s far-left Secretary of State to remove President Trump from the state’s 2024 election ballot, several Republican lawmakers have pledged to introduce legislation that would punish states that attempt the same blatant election interference.

U.S. Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) had proposed legislation that aimed to disqualify electors if they remove a major party candidate from their state ballots. In an announcement on X, Higgins wrote, “New law… If any state in our Union blocks the official nominee of a major political party from the Presidential ballot, their electoral slate will not be counted by Congress on the following January 6th.”

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” he added.

Bellows’ decision, announced shortly after Colorado chose to put Trump back on the state’s ballot pending a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, has been met with fierce backlash. Maine Senator Susan Collins voiced her stance in on X, stating, “Maine voters should decide who wins the election – not a Secretary of State chosen by the Legislature. The Secretary of State’s decision would deny thousands of Mainers the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice, and it should be overturned.”

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Bellows’ unprecedented action has drawn criticism even from within her own party, with U.S. Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) condemning the decision in an X post on Thursday.

“I do not believe he should be re-elected as President of the United States,” Golden, who voted for Trump’s impeachment after the January 6 protests, expressed. “However, we are a nation of laws, therefore until he is found guilty of the crime of insurrection, he should be allowed on the ballot.”

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) has crafted a bill aimed at limiting federal funding for states that disqualify candidates from the ballot using the 14th Amendment. The senator intends to present the bill once Congress resumes from recess.

“This is an egregious abuse of power and why I will be introducing the Constitutional Election Integrity Act as soon as Congress returns to session to stop these partisan officials and ensure any constitutional challenge is only decided by the U.S. Supreme Court,” Tillis shared in an X post.

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