G7 Insiders Express Concern Over Joe Biden’s Condition Following Viral Video of Him Wandering at Skydiving Demonstration: “Everyone is Worried”

by J Pelkey
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Joe Biden is reportedly the “worst he’s ever been,” according to G7 insiders, following a viral video of him wandering off during a skydiving demonstration in Italy.

A G7 diplomatic source informed The Sun’s editor Harry Cole that Biden has been “losing focus” during the world leader sessions in Italy, describing his condition as the “worst he’s ever been.”

Biden has been in Italy this week for the G7 Summit.

Biden became distracted during the skydiving demonstration and wandered off. At one point, he appears to be talking to an imaginary person.

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The situation escalated to the point where Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni had to go get him and guide him back to where everyone else was.

“He’s very doddery,” Cole said.

The Sun reported:

ELDERLY Joe Biden has given his “worst ever” performance at a major international summit, G7 insiders say – after he was bizarrely caught freezing again.

After the concerning shuffle, sources questioned the US President.

The 81-year-old has been “losing focus” during the gathering of world leaders in Puglia, Italy, according to well placed diplomatic sources.

One told The Sun: “It’s the worst he has ever been.”

Another insider added that while the President had shown moments of sharpness and clarity during meetings, at other times he had appeared to be “losing focus” and concentration.


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