Mike Lindell Issues Stern Warning to Anyone Who Attempts to Steal the Election [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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On Monday, Mike Lindell joined Steve Bannon on the War Room for a discussion about the midterm election.

During the show, Mike Lindell issued a stern warning to anyone who makes an attempt to steal and rig the election.

“We’re going to be watching every race,” Lindell announced.

“We’re going to have the real-time crime desk going at frankspeech.com… We are tracking every race by cyber. I want all the bad guys out there to know through the Edison report, we are watching. And we also have another way to watch what’s going on with the computers and the machines. So I’m putting them all on notice!  Steve, they’re all on notice. You can turn in at crime.frankspeech.com if you see anything.”

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