Former Twitter Execs Claim They Didn’t Have Contact with Biden Team, Rep. Donalds Proves They’re Lying with Receipts [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Former Twitter executives tried lying during a House Oversight hearing on Wednesday, over the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Rep. Byron Donalds caught them and provided the receipts.

Donalds asked them if Twitter had any contact with the Biden campaign in 2020, and they denied it, but Donalds immediately stopped them and said, “put that up for me” and showed them an email that proved they were lying.


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Rep. Byron Donalds also suggested that the Twitter execs may have broken federal election laws by censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“Do you think Twitter will be in violation of federal election laws with the size of an in-kind contribution to take down a story which is true, by the way, because you guys thought you knew something with limited information?” Donalds asked.

“I’m not going to speculate on that today sir,” Baker replied.


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