Former Employee of Fani Willis Turns On Her, Provides Information to Republicans

by J Pelkey
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A former employee of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is poised to reveal information regarding potential misuse of federal funds by the embattled Democrat in her pursuit to prosecute President Trump.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on Fox Business on Thursday, informing host Maria Bartiromo that the individual who came forward has shed light on the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Willis’ handling of anti-gang funds. This inquiry aims to ascertain whether these funds were improperly diverted to bolster a politically motivated trial. Jordan’s remarks came a day after the Justice Department noted “inconsistencies” in the Georgia prosecutor’s reports to the federal authorities regarding the use of their funds.

“God bless the whistleblower who came forward,” Jordan stated, as reported by Newsweek. “We’ve talked with the whistleblower, she’s giving information to the press, to us. Now the Department of Justice is looking into this. All kinds of problems with Fani Willis and this ridiculous investigation she’s run on President Trump and others.”

Jordan further alleged that Willis is facing additional challenges beyond this matter.

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“You got the whole thing with Nathan Wade. Taxpayer money going to Nathan Wade. He was traveling to Washington to meet with the DOJ, the White House, the January 6th committee, all in this effort to go after President Trump, and now we have this. It looks like misspending federal grant dollars,” he explained.

“God bless the whistleblower who came forward and let us understand what’s going on here.”


As Breaking Digest previously reported, the former Fulton County employee alleges she was fired by District Attorney Fani Willis for questioning the potential misuse of federal funds intended for at-risk youth. Willis has faced criticism for extravagant spending on her case against Trump, including payments totaling $700,000 to her ex-lover Nathan Wade.

Under Rep. Jim Jordan’s leadership, the House Judiciary committee has questioned Willis about her use of funds, prompting an angry response from her.

“[W]e have already provided you with substantial information about our programs that are funded via federal grants,” she wrote.

“We will not shut down this office’s efforts to prosecute crimes — including gang activity, acts of violence and public corruption — to meet unreasonable deadlines in your politically motivated ‘investigation’ of this office.”

“[L]et me state this clearly: nothing that you do will derail the efforts of my staff and I to bring the election interference prosecution to trial so that a jury of Fulton County citizens can determine the guilt or innocence of the defendants,” she concludes in her letter. “My family, my staff and I have been threatened repeatedly by people making violent, often racist, attacks.”

Willis remains under scrutiny in Trump’s appeal and a probe by Georgia lawmakers. Additional allegations have surfaced, including inconsistencies in her relationship timeline with Wade.

In addition to her ongoing legal and career challenges, Willis also faces a new lawsuit that could result in her removal from the case or further damage to her reputation.

Breaking Digest reported that Harrison Floyd, a co-defendant in the Fulton County RICO case and former leader of “Black Voices for Trump,” has announced his intention to file a civil rights lawsuit against Willis.

Floyd claims that Willis illegally recorded a phone call with his attorney in a separate criminal case in Maryland. Maryland follows a two-party consent rule, requiring permission from all parties involved in electronic communications in order to record the conversation.

Harrison wrote: “I don’t want to put a black woman in Jail. But if @FaniforDA (Fani Willis) does not recuse herself from this case by noon on Monday, I may have no other choice than to pursue all lawful remedies.”

“Make Fulton Great Again.”

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