FBI Stonewalls Again on Biden Bribery Scheme Document – Rep. Comer Announces Contempt of Congress Hearings

by J Pelkey
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This is outrageous.

On Monday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer said the FBI has again refused to turn over the subpoenaed Biden bribery scheme document to the committee.

On Saturday, it was reported that Chris Wray caved to Rep. Comer and agreed to turn over the document that details a $5 million criminal scheme involving Joe Biden.

In an announcement on Monday, Chairman Comer confirmed that the FBI has refused to release the crucial document. As a result, the House Oversight Committee will initiate contempt of Congress hearings this Thursday.

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“These are facts,” he stated during a press briefing, “and no amount of spin and frankly lies from the White House or congressional Democrats can change this information.”

“At the briefing again, the FBI again refused to hand over the unclassified record to the custody of the House Oversight Committee — and we will now initiate contempt of Congress hearings this Thursday,” Comer said. “Congress must investigate further.”

“The investigation is not dead. This is only the beginning,” Comer continued.

“The FBI confirmed the unclassified record alleging then-VP Biden engaged in a $5 million bribery scheme is from a highly credible informant & being used in an ongoing investigation.” Comer said.


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