El Paso Judge Orders Release of Illegal Aliens Who Stormed the Border and Overran Texas National Guard

by J Pelkey
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Source: El Paso Times

On Easter Sunday, El Paso Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release of a large group of illegal aliens who participated in a violent encounter with National Guard troops along the Rio Grande.

The incident, which occurred on March 21, has been characterized by authorities as a “border riot,” during which illegals, mainly men from Venezuela, overwhelmed the Texas National Guard.

Breaking Digest previously reported that hundreds of illegal aliens from Africa, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela stormed the border in El Paso, Texas after being directed south of the concertina wire by the National Guard in the middle of night.

The illegals breached the concertina wire, overran National Guard members, and rushed towards the border.

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Per the New York Post, National Guard personnel reported confiscating knives and makeshift weapons from illegals involved in the riot. There was also an incident where an illegal alien attempted to take a firearm from a soldier.

Several soldiers stationed near Gate 36 on that day required medical attention for minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

During an online teleconference bond hearing on Easter Sunday, Judge Acosta criticized the El Paso District Attorney’s Office for not being prepared for individual detention hearings for each defendant, as reported by the El Paso Times.

Acosta stated, “It is the ruling of the court that all the rioting participation cases will be released on their own recognizance.”

Several illegals were charged with assault for forcibly knocking down National Guard members during the riot.

The exact number of individuals charged with “riot participation,” classified as a Class B misdemeanor, has not been disclosed. However, Judge Acosta hinted at “hundreds of arrestees” who were entitled to individual detention hearings within a 48-hour timeframe.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley M. Martinez’s request to delay the hearings was promptly rejected by the magistrate.

“So if the DA’s office is telling me that they are not ready to go, what we’re going to do is we’re going to release all these individuals on their own recognizance,” Acosta stated during the hearing.

Following the ruling, two additional migrants faced separate hearings on criminal mischief charges linked to the border fence damage. Each was granted a $2,000 bond, but Magistrate Judge Antonio Aun also approved their release on personal recognizance bonds. Both are subject to immigration holds.

As reported by the El Paso Times, another hearing for additional defendants is scheduled for Monday.

Judge Humberto Acosta is known for dismissing criminal cases and releasing defendants into the community.

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