Convicted Murderer and Child Rapist Caught by Border Patrol Trying to Re-Enter the U.S. Via Joe Biden’s Open Border

by J Pelkey
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Border patrol has confirmed that a large number of illegal aliens were arrested at the U.S. Southern border this weekend.

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens announced the arrests on X:

3/27: USBP agents in Deming, NM arrested a Mexican national w/ prior convictions for 1st Degree Murder, Battery, Stalking, & Probation Violations.

This is what’s known as an aggravated felon. He does not belong in the U.S., let alone in your communities.

Anthony Good, the chief of USBP El Paso, confirmed the arrest of two illegals, one of whom had a prior conviction for child rape.

Santa Teresa & Las Cruces USBP agents apprehended 2 migrants from #Mexico & members of the Paisa Gang. One subject was previously convicted for Aggravated Rape of a Child in #Kansas. Both subjects will face criminal charges for illegal entry and formally removed from the U.S.

Just this week, Owens disclosed that individuals from more than 160 countries had entered the U.S. illegally through the southern border, on Joe Biden’s invitation.

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So far, this fiscal year alone, we have had people from 160 countries or more come across our border illegally. Every country and every region has smugglers that try to facilitate a pipeline for them to get to where they are going and they are connected with one another. If they are coming from Europe or coming from Asia they will find ways to get to maybe South America and from South America then they may make their way up to the Darien Gap and make their way to Central America and ultimately find their way to decision points that take them to different points along our borders.


The Biden regime is welcoming tens of thousands of illegal aliens each week, with many having criminal records and links to organized crime.

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