Corrupt J6 Committee Suppressed Evidence That Contradicts Their “Star Witness” Cassidy Hutchinson’s Lies

by J Pelkey
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On Monday, House Republicans released a report that contradicts the lie told by Liz Cheney’s star witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, that Trump grabbed the steering wheel of his Secret Service vehicle, “the Beast,” and assaulted a secret service agent when he was informed he couldn’t visit the capitol.

Hutchinson, a former White House Aide, testified under oath that this allegation was true.

“None of the White House Employees corroborated Hutchinson’s sensational story about President Trump lunging for the steering wheel of the Beast. However, some witnesses did describe the President’s mood after the speech at the Ellipse,” the report read.

The driver of “the Beast” contradicted Hutchinson’s sworn testimony, denying that Trump grabbed the steering wheel and physically assaulted a secret service agent.

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It never happened, and Cassidy Hutchinson lied under oath.

Not surprisingly, the committee suppressed this information to advance their narrative.

The Washington Examiner reported:

House Republicans released their initial report on Monday on their investigation into the Democratic-led select committee on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the latest step in the House GOP’s look into the riots at the U.S. Capitol following the 2020 election.

Among the findings in the House Administration Committee’s oversight subcommittee report were claims that Cassidy Hutchinson’s account of former President Donald Trump’s actions on Jan. 6 was not corroborated by other White House employees.

Hutchinson, who was the assistant to former chief of staff Mark Meadows during the Trump administration, was one of the key witnesses in the Democrats’ investigation into Jan. 6. Republicans have long sought to discredit Hutchinson and the overall findings of the select committee, challenging the committee’s work since the GOP took the House majority in 2022.

In the report, the oversight subcommittee, led by Chairman Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), said the White House provided Loudermilk with four “heavily redacted” transcribed interviews from White House employees. Upon reviewing them unredacted, the committee found the employees’ descriptions of events “did not corroborate Hutchinson’s.”

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