Christie’s Auction House Is Latest Elitist Business to Push Sick Pedo Art on the Masses

by J Pelkey
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WARNING: some of the following links contain “art” sculptures and images are extremely graphic.

Balenciaga has been receiving massive backlash for sexualizing children in their recent ad campaigns.

Initially, controversy surrounded two separate campaigns with different images. One of the ads featured toddlers holding teddy bears in leather bondage gear and the other “office” themed ad involved a reference to a Supreme Court case on child porn.

After they got caught, the pulled the ad campaign but it was replaced with another that contained a book written by a controversial artist with links to cannibalism, occultism, pedophilia and more. Another book in the same shoot was tied to “Cremaster”, which is a male sexual body part that involves the testes.

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Now, Balenciaga’s parent company, Kering, is in the limelight. That company’s CEO, François-Henri Pinault, also owns Christie’s, an auction site that focuses on overpriced art. As of this publishing, they have a collection by Chapman brothers listed that would land most any Average Joe in jail.

Many of the “art” pieces feature what appear to be young children with their noses and mouths replaced by a penis and a round orifice directly below.

This discovery was originally made by

The following link contains graphic images that Breaking Digest is not comfortable publishing:

Research conducted by Twitter user @itsnatlydenise about Michael Borremans’s book, featured in one of the ad campaigns, reveals some dark and disturbing facts.

Very thorough research conducted by Twitter user @curiouslight about Balenciaga designer, Lotta Volkova, and her connections has revealed more dark and disturbing facts.

@curiouslight also conducted research on Champman brothers.

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