BREAKING: Supreme Court Sides with Biden Regime, Rules Border Patrol Agents Can Remove Razor Wire Installed at Border by Texas

by J Pelkey
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On Monday, the US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote, sided with the Biden regime, allowing Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire installed on the Texas-Mexico border.

This decision follows Biden’s emergency request. It is noteworthy that Biden’s border patrol agents have been cutting a razor wire fence on private property along the southern border, facilitating the entry of illegal aliens into the US, raising concerns about the safety of Americans.

Governor Greg Abbott (R) had previously installed approximately 30 miles of razor wire near Eagle Pass on the Texas-Mexico border to counter the influx of illegal aliens allowed in by the Biden regime.

In October, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton took legal action against the Biden regime over their removal of razor wire at the border.

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After a federal judge ruled in favor of Biden, the lawsuit proceeded to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which last month determined that agents were not allowed to cut the razor wire.

However, on Monday, conservative justices John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett aligned with the liberals and approved the Biden regime’s emergency request.

From NBC News:

A closely-divided Supreme Court on Monday allowed Border Patrol agents to cut through or move razor wire Texas installed on the U.S.-Mexico border as part of an effort by the state to prevent illegal border crossings.

The court on a 5-4 vote granted an emergency request filed by the Biden administration, which had argued that Texas was preventing agents from carrying out their duties.

The brief order noted that four conservative members of the nine-justice court would have rejected the government’s request. They were Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

What an absolute outrage.

The invasion goes on.

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