BREAKING: Another New Witness Emerges with Damning Information on Fani Willis and Nathan Wade

by J Pelkey
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The walls appear to be closing in on corrupt Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis.

Yet another witness has come forward with damning information about Fani Willis’s romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor she appointed to go after President Trump.

Cathy Latham, a co-defendant with Trump in the RICO case and former GOP Chair of Coffee County, has announced her intention to present testimony from attorney Manny Arora. Arora, a former adjunct professor at Georgia State School of Law and Board Certified in criminal law, is set to provide crucial information.

Per a recent court filing, Arora had conversations with attorney Terrence Bradley between September and October 2023 regarding the relationship between Willis and Wade. During these conversations, Bradley told Arora that Mr. Wade had definitely begun a romantic relationship with Ms. Willis during the time that Ms. Willis was running for District Attorney in 2019 through 2020.

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The new witness will also testify that Terrence Bradley possessed personal knowledge regarding the beginning of Willis and Wade’s relationship.

“Mr. Bradley stated that he had personal knowledge of the relationship between Mr. ‘Wade and District Attorney Willi, including details regarding the use of Ms. Robin Yeartie’s apartment such as Mi. Wade’s having a garage opener to the property,” the court filing said.

As Breaking Digest previously reported, Dave Shafer, a co-defendant of Trump in the RICO case, claims in a recent court submission that Cobb County, Georgia prosecutor Cindi Lee Yeager overheard Fani Willis telling Terrence Bradley, her lover’s attorney, to keep quiet about their affair.

Yeager is prepared to testify under oath regarding the beginning of Willis’s relationship with Wade.

“From in or around August of 2023 through January of 2024, Ms. Yeager had numerous, in-person and other conversations with attorney Terrence Bradley in which information relating to District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade was discussed,” according to the court filing.

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