New Witness Emerges – Could Potentially Blow Up Entire Fani Willis Witch Hunt Against President Trump

by J Pelkey
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Fani Willis lying under oath during questioning from defense attorney, Ashleigh Merchant

A new witness has emerged with information about Fani Willis’ secret romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor she appointed to go after President Trump.

Dave Shafer, a co-defendant of Trump in the RICO case, claims in a recent court submission that Cobb County, Georgia prosecutor Cindi Lee Yeager overheard Fani Willis telling Terrence Bradley, her lover’s attorney, to keep quiet about their affair.

Per Ms. Yeager, the affair began in 2019, a contradiction to earlier testimony provided in court.

Phil Holloway, a legal analyst for WSB Radio in Atlanta, shared numerous court documents detailing the contradiction.

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Fani Willis and Nathan Wade both testified that their romantic relationship began in 2022, following Willis’ appointment of Wade in November 2021.

They both lied under oath.

Cell phone records indicate that Wade visited the “Yeartie condo,” where Willis resided, prior to his hiring in November 2021.

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis received more bad news on Monday as one of the defendants Willis’ RICO case offered to enter additional testimony if the disqualification hearing is reopened. The new witness is prepared to testify that the relationship between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade began in 2019, contradicting sworn testimony from the pair.

Defense attorneys for former Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer met with Cobb County Chief Deputy District Attorney Cindi Lee Yeager, who offered to testify about her knowledge of the relationship between Willis and Nathan Wade.

Yeager told defense attorneys that she had multiple meetings with Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former law partner, between August 2023 and January 2024. Bradley told Yeager that Wade and Willis first met in 2019, adding that the romantic relationship between the two began around that time.

This directly contradicts testimony from both Wade and Willis that the relationship began only after Wade was hired to work on the case. Wade was ultimately paid more than $700,000 in taxpayer funds for his work on the Trump investigation.

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