Biden’s FAA Quietly Changes Health Requirements for Pilots with Heart Damage

by J Pelkey
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Last week, entrepreneur Steve Kirsch reported some very disturbing information about the FAA and the health of American pilots.

According to Kirsch, the “FAA secretly widened the EKG parameter range for pilots so they wouldn’t be grounded.”

The FAA allegedly made the quiet change in October 2022.

“In the October 2022 version of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, the FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters beyond the normal range (from a PR max of .2 to unlimited). And they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened it by a lot. It was done after the vaccine rollout,” Kirsch wrote.

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More from Kirsch’s substack:

On October 24, 2022, the FAA quietly, without any announcement at all, widened the EKG requirements necessary for pilots to be able to fly.

The PR (a measure of heart function) used to be in the range of .12 to .2.

It is now: .12 to .3 and potentially even higher.

This is a very wide range; it accommodates people who have cardiac injury. Cardiologist Thomas Levy is appalled at this change.

Kirsch noted the change was from 200 msec to 300 msec and beyond.

The change was reportedly made on October 26, 2022 to the Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners.

Here is a link to the Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners to view the change (page 4).

Kirsch included the following pictures to explain the change:

This picture is the policy before the change. “It was just one row,” Kirsch noted.

This picture is the policy after the change in October 2022.

Kirsch noted, “So it’s now two rows, one for less than 300 ms (it used to be 200 ms), and a second row to handle 300 ms or more.”

Kirsh released a follow-up report in which he states that he discussed the above report with the Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan E. Northrup. Dr. Northrup claims she had seen no evidence that the COVID vaccines have incapacitated pilots.

At first I thought she was lying, but it turns out she was telling the truth. She’s seen no evidence because even though she admitted on the call that she knew about Bob Snow, nobody at the FAA ever bothered to call him. Ever!!! So they’ve never seen the evidence because they deliberately refused to look at the evidence!! Get it? That’s how science works…

…Susan is also going to have to talk about why there was a 300% increase in long-term disability claims filed at American Airlines (Jan – July 2022) and what investigation the FAA made into what was disabling those pilots.

We have a pilot shortage in America. What did Susan find when the FAA investigated why the disability claims skyrocketed? Or did they do nothing to investigate? If they didn’t do anything, why didn’t they? I’d like to know. The New York Times and CNN …. well, not so much.

Finally, did you know that Susan’s husband, John Hyle, is a pilot. John refused to take the COVID vaccine due to safety concerns. So it’s not just a few “anti-vaxxers” spreading “misinformation.” Susan clearly realizes that intelligent people she clearly respects have legitimate concerns that cause them to refuse to take the shot.

The narrative is falling apart.

From The Epoch Times:

Concerns and controversy are swirling around the decision by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to alter an electrocardiogram test limit for pilots.

A researcher for an aviation advocacy group, US Freedom Flyers (USFF), stumbled upon the EKG change in December, several weeks after the FAA enacted it.

Because the revision was made without a published explanation, USFF turned to a nationally known cardiologist and other experts to assess its importance.

They say the FAA’s change involving “the PR interval” is significant. The PR interval represents the time it takes for an electrical impulse to travel from one part of the heart to another. It is an indicator of heart health.

But “the new normal” PR interval that the FAA set for pilots is 50 percent longer than the previous limit; it deviates from a long-accepted limit in cardiology.

Critics fear that expanding the limit could endanger pilots’ health and passengers’ safety.

This worry is especially acute amid rising reports of cardiac arrest and sudden death since the COVID pandemic began in 2020. Some researchers suggest that some heart conditions could be tied to aftereffects of COVID-19 injections or the virus. Because pilots were threatened with job termination, a large percentage of them took the COVID jabs.

These factors make a very worrisome mix, said Josh Yoder, a commercial airline pilot who heads the USFF advocacy group.

“This is a ticking time bomb on a level like we’ve never seen,” he told The Epoch Times in an interview.

While some people question whether that level of concern is justified, others agree with Yoder. For many months, he and others have railed against the FAA for declaring the COVID injections safe for pilots, as the Epoch Times reported previously.

Yoder and others say the FAA should be held accountable for relaxing the EKG standard. They say the new standard increases the odds that a pilot’s heart condition would slip past, undetected and untreated, setting the stage for disaster.

Biden’s FAA is a mess.

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