Biden Regime Appeals MO v. Biden Censorship Case – Demands the Right to Continue Censoring Americans

by J Pelkey
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In a groundbreaking decision, a Trump-appointed federal judge has issued a historic ruling, granting a partial injunction that restricts several Biden administration officials and government entities, including the Justice Department and the FBI, from colluding with major big tech companies to censor Americans on social media.

The federal government censored information regarding various topics, including the Hunter Biden laptop story, the Covid lab-leak theory, and the efficacy and safety of Covid vaccines.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration filed a notice of appeal in the Missouri v Biden censorship case.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are all defendants in the lawsuit.

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Judge Terry Doughty delivered a scathing 155-page opinion, ruling that the Biden regime had infringed upon the First Amendment by engaging in censorship of dissenting views.

The Biden Regime filed the notice of appeal in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

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