Anthropologie Goes Woke: Hires Trans Dude to Mock Women in Instagram Ad – Turns Off Comments Following Severe Backlash

by J Pelkey
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Another brand appears to have succumbed to the seemingly irresistible trend of featuring transgenders in their advertising. It’s like a crack cocaine addiction for these companies!

Anthropologie, a high-end women’s store, is receiving fierce backlash after they hired a trans man to mock women wearing their clothing in an ad that they posted to their Instagram page.


The response from women was so ferocious that Anthropologie had to turn off comments to the video.

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Some prominent figures reacted to the ad on Twitter.

Candace Owens’ former assistant, Gina Bontempo, tweeted, “Turns out women don’t want to see a man advertise women’s clothing that doesn’t even fit him, let alone see his bulge.”

Dr. Jordan B Peterson, a renowned clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, also took to Twitter to express his disapproval. He wrote, “Smooth move @Anthropologie: schooled in the @Budweiser brand of customer depreciation.” Peterson’s tweet was met with widespread agreement from other Twitter users:

The fact that the ad only appeared on Instagram, no other platform, tells you it was a mere toe-in-the-water effort, but it also indicates they knew it was a risky move.

Below are some of the comments from angry women that were screen-captured before Anthropologie took them down.

As evidenced by the severe reaction to Bud Light’s disastrous decision to partner with Dylan Mulvaney, Americans do NOT want to see biological men mocking women in advertisements.

It’s apparent there is a calculated effort underway to erase women. The message that there is no longer a place for biological women in women’s sports OR women’s fashion is anything but subtle.

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