Another Blue State Senate Race Moved From “Lean Democrat” to “Toss Up” a Week Before Election Day

by J Pelkey
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A Republican has not won a U.S. Senate race in the state of Washington since 1994. But if Real Clear Politics is correct, that may be changing. Real Clear Politics has shifted this once safe Democrat seat to “Toss Up” status as polls show Smiley basically tied with Murray.

When seats in deep blue states like Washington become winnable, you know the Democrats are in big trouble.

Brandi Kruse tweeted, “Real Clear Politics just moved Washington state’s Senate race from “Leans D” to “Toss up.””

Republicans will need to net +1 in order to take back control of the Senate. Their prospects are very good; of the seven states listed as toss ups, only two are currently red. Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire all have Democrats that are vulnerable to losing those seats on November 8.

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