14 Democrats Vote with Republicans Condemning the Biden Regime for Creating the Border Crisis

by J Pelkey
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Joe Biden with Alejandro Mayorkas – Source: dhs.gov

Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies have created the worst border crisis in American history, allowing more than 9 million illegal aliens to enter the United States.

He overturned President Trump’s policies as soon as he took residence in the White House and Americans are paying for it.

Fourteen House Democrats voted with Republicans on a resolution condemning the Biden regime for creating the border crisis.

The Hill reported:

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Over a dozen House Democrats voted with Republicans to back a resolution that denounced President Biden’s border policy on Tuesday, adding to pressure on the president to focus on a critical 2024 campaign issue.

Led by Rep. Monica De La Cruz (R-Texas), the measure accuses Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of creating “the worst border security crisis in the Nation’s history,” and claims the president “systematically dismantled effective border security measures and interior immigration enforcement.”

It additionally says Biden “purposely violated United States immigration law,” and has operated an “open borders agenda.”

The resolution passed the House in a 226-193 vote, with 13 members not participating. A total of 14 Democrats voted to pass the measure.

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