WTH? Barricades Added and Snipers on Roof at Maricopa County Tabulation Center

by J Pelkey
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Maricopa County is STILL counting the votes from Tuesday’s botched midterm election, and they have secured the perimeter of their tabulation center using multiple Sheriff’s deputies, fencing, and barricades around the sidewalk. 

Sheriff’s Deputies have surrounded the Maricopa County tabulation center, and they are not allowing photos to be taken on county property.

Agents (snipers?) appear to be perched on the roof…

Check out the roof:

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Penske trucks were also seen driving in and out of the tabulation center and unloading.

Boxes and boxes of ballots?

Many videos have been posted showing Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling on horseback:

More trucks…

They just can’t seem to count the ballots they have…


Because 75% of them break for Kari Lake and she’ll have the win easy if they do:

Election officials say we won’t know the results until “after the weekend” at the earliest!


Is that when the Penske trucks will have delivered enough ballots?

Here’s Kari Lake in an interview last night:

Another interview here:

Still, hundreds of thousands of votes still need to be counted in Maricopa County and across the state of Arizona.

This includes 17,000 votes from “box 3,” the separate bin where ballots were stuffed on election day because the tabulators weren’t working. These ballots are expected to lean heavily Republican.

Arizona Secretary of State Nominee Mark Finchem tweeted this morning demanding that the counties in Arizona release the counts.

Republicans who had any issues in Arizona on election day must contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Election Integrity Unit and file a complaint to document their experience.

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