US Supreme Court Allows Idaho to Enforce It’s Ban on Sex Changes, “Gender-Affirming” Child Genital Mutilation

by J Pelkey
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On Monday, the US Supreme Court upheld Idaho’s ban on sex changes for children, allowing the state to enforce penalties of up to 10 years in prison for healthcare professionals who perform such procedures or provide puberty blockers to minors.

In December, Judge Lynn Winmill, appointed by President Clinton, had ruled that Idaho could not implement the transgender ban while a lawsuit brought by two plaintiffs progressed through the courts.

Responding to an emergency request from Idaho’s Attorney General, the US Supreme Court voted 6-3 in favor of granting permission to enforce the ban.

Idaho had previously enacted the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, which aims to protect children from the dangers associated with puberty blockers and surgical procedures that permanently alter their bodies.

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Far-left activists filed a lawsuit in an attempt to halt Idaho’s efforts to protect children. Idaho’s Attorney General promptly responded by appealing to the 9th Circuit. Despite the 9th Circuit’s rejection of the request, the Attorney General’s office pursued an appeal to the US Supreme Court to allow the law’s enforcement while the case progressed through the legal system.

Attorney General Raul Labrador of Idaho celebrated the victory.

NBC News reported:

A divided Supreme Court on Monday allowed Idaho to mostly enforce a law that bans gender-affirming health care for transgender teens.

Granting an emergency request filed by Idaho officials, the court said the law enacted last year could go into effect statewide but cannot be applied against the two plaintiffs who challenged it.

The court’s three liberal justices objected to the decision, saying the law should have remained blocked in full.

U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Winmill ruled in December that the state could not enforce the law while litigation continues. The state has appealed to the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals but it has yet to rule.

The law, like measures enacted by other states, prevents the use of what Winmill called “generally accepted medical treatment” for transgender minors, including puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgeries.

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