83-Year-Old Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi Announces She Will Seek Reelection in 2024 – Gets Ratioed

by J Pelkey
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On Friday, 83-year-old Nancy Pelosi announced that she will seek reelection in 2024.

Pelosi announced her decision on X with a bizarre statement.

Now more than ever our City needs us to advance San Francisco values and further our recovery. Our country needs America to show the world that our flag is still there, with liberty and justice for ALL. That is why I am running for reelection — and respectfully ask for your vote. -Nancy

“Further” recover. Has there been a recovery? Recovery from what? Her own policies that have destroyed San Francisco?

What has Pelosi ever done to “recover” anything, let alone San Francisco?

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And what exactly are “San Francisco Values”?

Her district is a filthy, crime-ridden, drug-infested, liberal hellhole. Is this what she wants for the rest of the country?

Breaking Digest has reported extensively on the “Retail Exodus”, in which numerous companies, big and small, are leaving San Francisco due to horrible Democrat policies.

As Ari Fleischer pointed out on Fox News, we don’t want her “San Francisco values” in the rest of the country.

Reactions are pouring in.

Pelosi got ratioed, proving that people think she should have left a long time ago.

Below are just a few of the reactions.

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