Tucker Carson Spotted in Moscow, Sparking Speculations of a Possible Interview with Vladimir Putin

by J Pelkey
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Amid swirling speculation, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been seen in Moscow, fueling rumors that he may be there to conduct an interview with President Vladimir Putin.

Reports from Russian news outlet Mash indicate that Tucker Carlson has been in Moscow for the past three days, with sightings of him at the Bolshoi Theatre on Saturday.

This development follows Carlson’s repeated claims that previous attempts to secure a high-profile interview with Putin were thwarted by U.S. government interference.

In 2021, the former Fox News host alleged that the National Security Agency (NSA) had intercepted his communications, suggesting that this was an effort to undermine his show’s success and silence his criticism of the Biden regime.

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As of now, neither Carlson nor his team has confirmed the reason for his visit to Moscow, and there has been no official statement from the Kremlin regarding the potential interview. The world is eagerly anticipating confirmation of the speculation and the potential insights that such an interview could offer on the international stage.

The prospect of the Tucker-Putin interview has caused panic among the rabid pro-Ukraine warmongers.

They’re terrified of what Americans might learn from the interview.

Check out some reactions:

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Tucker stopped to chat with a Russian fan and didn’t dismiss the idea of interviewing Putin, stating, “We’ll see…”


Another video shows what appears to be Carlson and his entourage boarding a black van, apparently headed to the Kremlin for an interview with the Russian leader.

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