Trump Announces Aggressive Plan to Destroy Drug Cartels, if Elected in 2024

by J Pelkey
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On Thursday, President Trump announced his aggressive action plan to destroy the drug cartels, if elected again as commander in chief in 2024.

The first item in the plan is the restoration of all Trump border policies to fully secure the border.

He also vows to deploy U.S. special forces and other military assets to “inflict maximum damage” on cartels crossing the southern border.

Trump’s full action plan to destroy the drug cartels as outlined on his website:

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  • Restore all Trump border policies and fully secure border
  • Deploy all necessary military assets, including the U.S. Navy, to impose a full naval embargo on the cartels, to ensure they cannot use our region’s waters to traffic illicit drugs to the U.S.
  • Order the Department of Defense to make appropriate use of special forces, cyber warfare, and other covert and overt actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure, and operations
  • Designate the major drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations
  • Cut off the cartels’ access to the global financial system 
  • Get full cooperation of neighboring governments to dismantle the cartels, or else fully expose the bribes and corruption that protect these criminal networks
  • Ask Congress to ensure drug smugglers and traffickers can receive the Death Penalty

From FOX News:

Trump, who announced his 2024 presidential campaign late last year, said drug cartels are “waging war on America” and it is “now time for America to wage war on cartels.”

“Joe Biden has sided against the United States and with the cartels,” Trump said in a video Thursday. “Biden’s open border policies are a deadly betrayal of our nation.”

“When I am president, it will be the policy of the United States to take down the cartels, just as we took down ISIS and the ISIS caliphate – and just as, unlike the situation we are in today, we had a very, very strong border,” Trump continued. He said his administration oversaw the “strongest border… in the history of our country.”

Trump said that if elected, he will “order the Department of Defense to make appropriate use of special forces, cyber warfare, and other overt and covert actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure and operations.”

Trump also said he would designate major cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, which would sever their access to global financial systems, and ask Congress to pass legislation that would ensure drug smugglers and human traffickers receive the death penalty.

“The drug cartels and their allies in the Biden administration have the blood of countless millions on their hands – millions and millions of families and people are being destroyed,” Trump said.

“When I am back in the White House, the drug kingpins and vicious traffickers will never sleep soundly again,” he said. “We did it once, and we did it better than anybody else.”

Trump touted border security under his leadership, calling it “strong” and “powerful” and “respected all over the world.”

“And now we’re laughed at all over the world, and we’re not going to let that happen much longer,” Trump said.

Watch Trump’s announcement via Truth Social:

Meanwhile, on Thursday Biden urged migrants not to make the journey to the border, but instead to stay where they are and apply legally from there.

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