Trans-Identified Biological Male Issues Threat to Anyone Who Suggests He Can’t Use Women’s Restroom: [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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A trans-identified biological male Tik Tok user who goes by “Tara” posted a video recently warning his viewers that if he is confronted about using a female restroom, he will become a “dangerous animal”, and called on the trans community to “arm up.”

In his message for “anyone who wants to protect their kids,” Tara said, “You back a wild animal into a corner, they’re gonna become a dangerous animal. So, if you want to die on that hill of yours, of righteousness and moral majority, then you go right ahead.”

“I dare you to try and stop me from going into a women’s bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make,” he said, issuing a clear threat of violence. “I dare you to try and stop a transgender woman in my presence from using the bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make.”

“This is a call to action and a call to arms to everybody within the United States that are scared, worried, have children that are transgender, lesbian, bi, or gay. This is a call to action. You need to arm up, plain and simple,” he continued.

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“Go out, buy a gun, learn how to use it efficiently, through and through. Because, the time to act is now. You need to protect yourself and you need to protect your fellow transgender brothers and sisters and theys and thems, you need to protect the rest of us in the LGB community, as I am going to do myself.”


As red states across the United States have enacted laws that restrict or ban pharmaceutical and surgical interventions for gender-confused youth, the trans community has become increasingly angry and paranoid, even going so far as to propagate the ridiculous notion that a “trans genocide” is underway.

Trans activists view any disagreement with their lifestyle choices to be a literal “genocide” on their existence.

The following meme pretty much sums up what is happening in the minds of trans-identified individuals:

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1 comment

Brenda Dixon-Hines April 22, 2023 - 12:54 pm

This thing should be way more concerned someone would block them from the buffet! Seriously don’t make threats you can’t back up, you are an ugly man turned into an ugly woman!


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