The View’s Sunny Hostin Compares White Suburban Women Voting Republican to ‘Roaches Voting for Raid’

by J Pelkey
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Co-host of The View, Sunny Hostin, is facing backlash after saying white suburban woman voting Republican is almost like “roaches voting for Raid.”

The comment that caused outrage among conservative women was made during a discussion among the show’s hosts about the November midterm elections and key issues that are at stake, such as abortion rights, crime, and inflation.

“The abortion issue… I read a poll that white, suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid,” Hostin said to her co-hosts.

“They are voting against their own self-interest. Do they want to live in Gilead? Do they want to live in The Handmaid’s Tale?” Hostin continued.

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While the studio audience cheered for Hostin’s comparison, her co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, offered an opposing opinion.

“It’s insulting to the voter. Do we love democracy or not? People make up decisions on what’s right for their family,” Griffin replied to Hostin.

Griffin was absolutely right, of course.


The Wrap reported:

Hostin went on to question if female Republicans actually “want to live in Gilead” from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” At that, host Alyssa Farah Griffin got visibly upset and disagreed, calling Hostin’s words “insulting to the voter.”

“Do we love democracy or not?” Farah Griffin shot back. “Because, just saying that, it’s insulting to the voter. People will make their decisions based on what’s right for their family. And the idea that you should have a say for everyone else’s vote….”

Farah Griffin went on to press Hostin about her thoughts on this, considering she is anti-abortion. And to that, Hostin returned to her regular response, saying that just because she doesn’t believe in abortion because of her religion, doesn’t mean she has the right to force that idea onto other women.

Host Sara Haines eventually chimed in, noting that she’s not too surprised that abortion isn’t the top issue for Republican women, considering election deniers are the main issue for her. “Everyone has a priority list,” she said.

Now imagine what would happen if a White pundit called an entire group of Black women roaches.

Hostin has a record of concerning comments. In May, Hostin told her guest co-host, Lindsey Granger (a black Republican) that black Republicans are an oxymoron, and she doesn’t understand black or latino Republicans.


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1 comment

Brenda Dixon-Hines November 5, 2022 - 9:03 am

If I had the money I would start a class action suit against The View that this hyper racist be fired and never works again!


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